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Current workshops include:

Forging Ahead - How to Turn an Hour a Day into a Lot of Words

Writing every day is the best way to get words on the page and see them accumulate into a finished draft. In this workshop, we’ll examine the science behind changing habits and learn tips for establishing a daily writing practice. We’ll look at how to overcome obstacles and quit procrastinating so that we all can become the successful authors we dream of being.

how to devise a magic system that won’t disappoint

Why can’t the wizards in the Harry Potter series solve the problems of violence, disease, or hunger? Why doesn’t Gandalf magically destroy the One Ring? By analyzing some of our most beloved fantasy, we can understand the rules for developing our own magical systems. We’ll discuss what makes magic captivating, and how it can fail in fiction.

Fritze Roberts, Author, Editor

Whether it's writing more

or writing better,

I love helping others achieve their goals. 

Science Fiction – What is it? and What’s expected in tomorrow’s market?

In this integrative workshop you’ll learn what differentiates SF from other speculative genres. We’ll discuss what makes some of your favorite SF authors so great. Are they bucking the trends or following them? Through this lens, we’ll look at what readers, and publishers, are looking for in new science fiction and how you can stand out from the crowd.

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