A Peculiar Project

The author homepage of Fritze Roberts

I'm Fritze Roberts. Welcome to my homepage. 

Here, you can learn more about me, my writing, and my author services. 

Services :

I offer editing and copy editing services for fellow writers. I'll look at most genres, but my specialty is in speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror). I'm happy to read non-fiction as well.  Learn more on the services tab


I write dark, creepy SFF (science fiction & fantasy). Because I'm twisted and I like it like that. 

I like to explore the intersection of the mundane and the universal, and show the importance of what I call "little technology" - food production, medicine, "women's work," survival skills, and arts - the technologies we depend on, yet take for granted. See more on my publications page

Writing Group:

I'm an active member of PennWriters. I benefit greatly from  this organization.  Every year, I attend their annual conference. I also speak at local mini-conferences. Most importantly, I attend a weekly writer's group. Giving and receiving feedback is immensely beneficial for a writer. If you haven't joined a writing group, DO IT. 

Music & Art:

My bachelor's degree is in music. I graduated from Coe College in 1999. I sometimes compose/produce music using soft synths (mostly Ableton Live) and an old Korg Electribe. I'm on Mixcloud as AudioAggregation and Soundcloud as sibilant. 


I teach writing for academic researchers and publish non-fiction on the writing life. Project Management for Authors is available on Amazon. I also continue to work as a contract project manager. 

Social Media:

I love twitter! Follow me via the link below.