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Fritze's Editing Services

My promise to my clients is that I will always respect the author's voice and style. My "corrections" are only suggestions. Final decisions are always up to you. I have extensive experience as a copy editor, both salaried and free-lance. I self-published my first book, Project Management for Authors, and I write fiction, so I understand how it feels to receive feedback on your work. 

All editing services come with two 20-minute phone calls. One before I read, so I understand what you need. One after, so we can discuss my suggestions.  I also provide unlimited email follow-up to answer any questions you may have. 

I always provide an estimate, including a maximum total fee, for your approval before I begin. 

Full Manuscript Edit - $3/page

I will read through your full manuscript (usually more than once) to identify:

  • plot holes
  • character weaknesses
  • discrepancies in setting
  • matching theme to story
  • consistency of tone and language
I will be honest, but kind, in telling you what works and what doesn't work in your masterpiece. 

If you feel that something isn't working, but your not sure what...
If you feel your story is good but not great...A developmental edit will clarify what you should keep and what you can work on.

You will receive a cover letter thoroughly explaining my response to your work, as well as some comments (Using Microsoft Word track changes) in your document showing where I found issues. I'll also highlight passages I particularly love. 

Full Manuscript Copy Edit - $1.50/page

I will read through your full manuscript to identify mistakes in:

  • grammar & spelling
  • punctuation
  • Spaces
  • Formatting

You will receive a copy of your manuscript with corrections made using Microsoft Word track changes. This will help you to understand what mistakes you commonly make, and allow to you accept or reject every suggestion I make. 

Get-to-know-me Edit - $50

I will edit and comment on the first 10 pages of your manuscript plus a synopsis of the rest of your project.  I'll tell you if I find the hook and story promise compelling, if the character is interesting, and if the style works for the theme you have chosen. 

Great for: 

  • Someone unsure if a new idea will work.  
  • New clients who want to know what it's like to work with me. 

You will receive typed comments from me analyzing the elements listed here. I'll make recommendations for how to fix any problems I identify.