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Even Our Friendship Was Illegal: Coe Students Confront Mississippi Segregation in 1962

Edited by Fritze Roberts

Mississippi in 1962 was fighting to remain segregated despite recent Federal laws banning the practice. And yet, a resistance movement built on love and peaceful protest was gaining momentum. 

Without fully understanding what they were getting into, twelve students from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa embarked on a two-week summer service project. They lived on the campus of Tougaloo Southern Christian College, a historically black college, where they befriended students, met civil rights leaders, and quietly fostered change. 

Just for being an integrated group, these students experienced hatred and bigotry. They were harassed and some were jailed, but they continued to fight for justice. 

Through memoir and journal entry, Even Our Friendship Was Illegal tells the story of their eye-opening adventure and shows how their lives were changed forever by these experiences. 

Available on Amazon in paperback. Click the title. 


The Driftless -  A conscious plant learns a secret about The Drifting, but when she tries to help the humans they think she is causing parts of the world to drift from existence. Novel in progress

A Life for a Life - Elisabeth mistakenly rejects the man she is intended to marry.  A spellcaster promises to fix it, but their ritual has drastic outcomes, altering the timeline of the whole village. Coming Soon

The Leprechaun's Cemetery - Lorcan mourns as he buries another infant, but he can barely wash the grime from his hands before his wife insists he get her another one.  Flash fiction. Coming Soon

The Haunting of Grasslake - The spooky tale of how a beautiful park became haunted by a mournful voice on the wind. Short story. Coming Soon

Non-Fiction Articles

Time to Revisit Those New Year Resolutions - First appeared in The Penn Writer, March/April 2016, Vol XXIV No. 2. It's not too late to meet your 2016 goals! This article discussed turning resolutions into SMART Goals, and making adjustments that will lead to success. 

Fight Your Inner Editor - First appeared in The Penn Writer, May/June 2016 Vol XXIV No. 3. If you have trouble producing new words because your inner editor has you constantly looking back, try this technique to push forward and get more words on the page. 

Using Venn Diagrams to Choose Strong Language  - First appeared in The Penn Writer, July/August 2016 Vol XXIV No. 4. In this practice, we'll develop a framework for understanding what constitutes strong versus weak language and look at some examples. Then, we'll discuss methods for choosing strong language appropriate to your work. 

What Does Success Look Like? - First appeared in The Penn Writer, September/October 2016 Vol XXIV No. 5. You take a big step when you start to think of your writing as a career. To get an idea of what success looks like, I analyzed the careers of three successful authors. 

Use the Hourglass Structure to Craft Effective Articles - First appeared in The Penn Writer, November/December 2016 Vol XXIV No. 6. Using an hourglass structure will help your readers understand complex ideas and retain information.